Re: Mount Zion

“looks similar to a mountain, with someone’s eye on it”


“With ALL of the disparately-located Israelites TRAPPED inside, hearing ECHOES of all their OWN complaining over the years, whining BACK into their OWN ears! The BOASTFUL proclamations they’ve made, despite frequent reminders that NOTHING grew to feed them while they were in the wilderness, have NEVER yet been realized; and, they continue in it, as though they NEVER listened to OR knew their OWN Creator, who CAST them all OUT of Heaven JUST like Tut or Ramses CAST them all OUT of Egypt! Yet, they STILL continue to whine, and they NEVER prove the capacity to learn as actual humans can learn!”

#TOOlittleTOOlate !!!



(albeit pyramidal)

Xtianity is a CONSTRUCT of Israelites; as are the 10 ‘commandments’… while Moses (rhymes with “more sisters”? Was he already inventing Islam?) was up in the mountain, those at its base were WORSHIPING the Golden Calf! Not exactly what I’d call LOYAL to God… They were enthralled by all that gold, shaped as a calf, moving about on its own! They were given the opportunity out IN the wilderness to ‘bend their knee’ in respect to the pharaoh who had just CAST them out so that his people could have peace again; they were given that opportunity, even behind his back. They refused! Instead, they have smeared his reputation. However, Adam, the FIRST Man NEVER ‘fell’ from my Creator’s grace, as they claim; I am STILL here! Some call me Geronimo…!

The New Jerusalem – future location

You will simply awaken there!