Goals, Dreams, and Aspirations!

1 (a goal). I shall slow down the whole Big Bang concept while speeding up the evolutionary concept, ALL with the employment of the Stork and the Cabbage Patch story ideas rather than strict adherence to the temporal womb concept; for, far too many of you have allowed the womb to get the better of you, and you tend to forget your own former childhood innocence. You (much like Pavlov, the abuser) “train” your children to OBEY rather than to listen to their elders. Thereby, you mistreat the innocence of your children, making them feel that it is God’s Will for them to grow up to abuse their own faith, and to ridicule all of the other innocents around them for any beliefs they might have had yesterday – your children then become bullies, and it is ONLY by habit. The good news, however, is that even you xtians out there will begin to learn some patience, rather than bullying your way around the world, turning those who are already patient into your victims, minions, and fearful slaves, and ALL this simply for the continuation of a name of whose person you still do not know – Adam, the FIRST Man (aka: “Jesus, of Nazareth”)!

I hatched after listening, for YEARS, to the contentions of the angels who were later CAST OUT of Heaven; I never FELL from the grace of MY Creator – He PLACED me here, still in my shell!

2. (more to come later)


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