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Interesting the stuff they don’t tell us about…
Golems, too.


“Deliver Us From Evil…”

He told me, “I CREATED the Evil!”  (YES, CLICK on it for the Bible reference!)

So, I scratched my head, then asked the “still, small voice within me” (which IS Him, too!) for the answer. He said, “If I’ve made YOU, Adam, The FIRST Man, IN My image, then, YOU fix it!”

And, so, I shall..!

No, Xtians; I’m NOT a blasphemer!

Buddha said, “No one to rival me EXISTS!” Today, I say, “We’re ALL individuals; we’re NOT robots!”

“I can and I shall!” (if ONLY for obedience SAKE!)


Human Catalysts

A catalyst is someone who, when added to a collection of other people, makes an influence on the others, even if it is not very noticeable. That’s okay! You may not WANT their attention; and, you WILL live your own life one day. But, it may be time to regroup, save your money, and plan for a quiet relocation. And, you are not responsible for what they decide to do after you leave…

Me? A ‘murder’ victim ??

I ‘put out’ for a RELIGIOUS paranoiac; after he ‘got his ROCKS off’ IN my arse, and THEN inserted a KNIFE and TWISTED it, THEN left me for DEAD, he returned the NEXT day with TWO Schenectady, NY cops to confess and LEAD them to (LOL) my BODY.
I was drinking coffee on the front steps of the bar next door to where I lived, smoking a cigarette. When they approached, I asked one o’ the cops, “What?!!”

Said the cop, “He says he KILLED you last night.”

Says I, after a chuckle, “And, he waited until NOW to alert you TO the CRIME?”

Looking the perpetrator DEAD in the eyes, I said,
“ONLY in your EVIL, murderous heart did you ‘kill’ me, you IDIOT!”

Then to the cops I asked, “Can’t you JAIL him for a FALSE confession? And, don’t you need a CADAVER to prove a murder? You know, ‘Corpus Delecti”, or some shit?”

Truth is: As SOON as he left me that night, AFTER plunging & TWISTING the knife in my ARSE, a voice said to me, “You ain’t gonna DIE, tonight!”

Trusting that voice, I slept like a BABY; to awaken the NEXT morning with NO memory of the HORRIBLE event!

On Convalescence…

People don’t take the time to convalesce, anymore! Definition of Convalescence

A forced or hurried ‘recovery’ after injury can result in poor posture habits (if only a slight limp) which will later lead to more pain and other health problems. If you believe that your responsibilities include your family, then your family deserves for your body to be healthy and comfortable when you solve problems for them, counsel them, cook for them, etc. However, another responsibility you have is to make yourself comfortable. No one wants you grumpy!

Brady Bunch memory?

Alice, to Jan: “I know you like the advice your mom gives you; she always gives IN to you.”

Mrs. Brady [entering kitchen]: “I HEARD that, and Alice is right; ALL of you, go to your ROOMS!”

Alice: “Feeling rested, I see, Mrs. Brady?”

Mrs. Brady [lifting voice so her children will hear her]: “Alice, I won’t feel ‘rested’ until I’ve graduated six wonderful children from college, if I have to learn how to drive a BACKHOE in order to push them THROUGH to Commencement Day!”

[children shrieking, feet pounding up the stairs]

With an illness, your body became sick slowly; it got worse because you didn’t heed its warnings. You continued to operate as though you were ‘normal’ when your body was trying to tell you to take a rest. Likewise, when you jump out of bed after an illness, it should be because your body insists upon fresh air & sunshine. If you are not absolutely certain that your body has recovered completely from an illness, you need to stay home, lie on the couch, read a book or watch TV (avoid political or religious, guilt-trippy content), and lay low for a while longer. Reading a classic is better. Something completely fictional, preferably with no reference to any questionable historical events or persons. Fantasy works well; and, don’t SPARE the Kleenex®! You most likely still have some on hand.

Ultimately, it is YOUR body; you must tailor any health advice you hear to yourself, your life, your willingness to believe the ideas you receive when you still yourself and listen to your own body, etc.

Ananias & Saphira weren’t originally human!

They were names given to two different schools of thought, or concepts, which were in play at the time. Both were zealous extremes, but in opposite directions; both go out from the center. The accusation of “fence sitter” was given to those who remained in the middle, awaiting the ‘cake timer’ of our Creator. If He isn’t saying that we are late for something, we need not say it, either. He is patient; those who set about to evangelize the world are not. Buddha chose the middle way; and, until the riff-raff is cleared out of Hinduism, the middle way is the safest choice, for now. This is true, unless the practitioner knows the true Hindu path when they walk it alone. If you are away from your homeland, stay safe; make no contractual obligations. Stay safe!

Non-action; neither a “yes” nor a “no”. If a human asks you to make a decision, the choices they bring to you do not come from inside of you, where God speaks to you as an individual. The decision is not being asked of you in God’s timing; and, it is an interruption from your conversation with Him. God is patient; humans seldom are. Many never find because they are too impatient to seek.

I looked up the meaning of “Saphira”; and, I thought of Elvis A. Presley, and Delilah!