Ah, Heaven..!

It has occurred to me that the “Heaven” of which many Xtians, Jews, and probably Muslims as well, dream is actually a watered-down rendition of the very same average day which the Native Americans enjoyed before the Bible-thumping, English missionaries arrived upon our shores! So, good luck with “Heaven”, and all that bit! I am Samson, at the gate, and when I close & lock this gate to our Kingdom of Peace, the gate will be slightly stronger than my back, when it is turned against the enemies of meekness. Outside of our locked gate, there will be other folds (pens, flocks); however, they will know every minute that they are not within the blissful aforementioned gates. How many opportunities have you had [shrug]? How many invitations were you given to meekness? God only knows; but, He most likely stopped keeping track millennia ago! So, adieu!

Oh, don’t be jealous; this ain’t Camelot. You’ve already seen that briefly, right? Great! We’re ‘caught up’ then, right? Good.

As always,
Adam, the FIRST Man


Redrawing the Firmament

On The Origin of Elitism (for humans, and not necessarily for the outcast angels)
Abraham, if for only a second, was willing to sacrifice his ‘miracle son’ (born in Sarah’s later years), Isaac. He was told that he would never again need to make that sacrifice; however, he was never promised that he wouldn’t be highly motivated, at times, to make that sacrifice. In the mind of Isaac, which is the sole responsibility of Isaac (not that of his father, Abraham) it is highly possible that he adopted the undesirable mindset of never planning to make any of his own sacrifices. He may, and you know these types of people, have decided that God would always favor him, even above Abraham, himself. Well, such a promise was never stated by God, nor by any of His angels. So, humility is always voluntary until that grand day when we will be given the opportunity to be completely ashamed of the decisions we’ve made throughout our multiple lifetimes on this Earth.

On Time Travel
Don’t do it! If you travel into the past, even if only out of curiosity, you may go intending to sight-see; however, there are those who will know that you’re coming. Upon your arrival, they could eventually ensnare & ‘recruit’ you, then enslave you into their own prescribed punishment. Do not take the prescription of another! If you travel into the future, you could wind up in a drying Utopia; for, if society, after you arrive in your future, takes an abrupt left turn before we arrive at your destination, there will be no thoughts, loves, dreams, etc. headed in the direction of the place at which you’ve ‘lucked out’ to arrive. So, rather than welcoming us when we get there, you will simply not be missed! Ever!

“Be Ye Separate!”
Don’t decide, so immediately, that the person standing next to you is ‘human’ (2 arms, 2 legs is never a guarantee!); they could be an outcast angel who is using you for their own self-esteem (of course, they’re lying to themselves!). If you’re always talking them out of being depressed (but, only in your mind are they probably ever ‘depressed’), that is time which you could use to advance yourself, or even give yourself some deserved peace. If you’re stagnant, at a standstill, with whom do you spend your time? Reevaluate your life; and, if you suspect (and, can name) others in your life who are dragging you down or keeping you in a certain place, mentally, it is recommended that you withdraw your ready availability from their immediate grasp. Even if you change locales, sometimes the same ‘type’ keep showing up to quickly, or in a timely manner, ‘befriend’ you. Like a thief’s ‘mark’, these outcast angels spot you because you have no boundaries. Yes, be available for when they are truly depressed in the future in case you have misdiagnosed their humanity; but, have questions ready for them in order that you might ascertain their humanity or accursed status. If outcast angels, they’ve already been given several opportunities to redeem themselves; but, the demands put upon an angel are not the same as those for a human. Humans are also given opportunities to relax; I have never discovered that angels were designed for their own, unearned rest. They can (both the outcast & the volunteers among us) all wait to rest with their Creator when He actually enters, once again, into His rest (I don’t hear Him snoring, today, as in days of old). If you’re always talking your ‘friend’ out of being busy, they may be a volunteer angel. Leave them alone after two or three times of them feeling the need to excuse themselves, in your ears, for their industriousness [grin]. If they’re ‘busy’, they’re busy; all you need to remember is that they’re usually available to you as your friend. Friends like that are hard to find! But, if we’re talking about an angel, angels find us; we don’t ‘find’ them [grin].

As always,
Adam, the FIRST Man

Why are entire nations scorned for their belief in Reincarnation?

Answer: Because Israel is hiding their own acknowledged truth??


Citation: From the King James version of the Bible, online at the University of Michigan

Seeking within myself (“the kingdom of god is within you”), I’ve discovered possible evidence of reincarnation in the above quoted (which is the beginning of the House of Judah & Judaism). Onan’s brother, deemed by “the LORD” to have been ‘wicked’, was slain by the same LORD. I believe that Er (Onan’s brother) desired to return to life through reincarnation, and hoped that Onan would sire the child whom Er would become once he was reborn. Onan, knowing that his brother had already been slain for his own wickedness, may have decided that he wanted no part in the return of the wickedness. However, what Onan decided “displeased the LORD”, and got him slain as well; yet, the observer can only conclude that Onan’s death helped to remove him from the ‘wicked’ plans of Er’s & Onan’s father, Judah. Perhaps it’s better to let things be as they are, and to simply allow the wicked to plan for their own future; for, all the wicked are slain until they will decide, eventually, to learn from their mistakes. It’s rumored that God is ‘gracious’; maybe it simply takes some of us more time to learn to not be wicked [shrug].

To err may be ‘human’; yet, to be like Er is to be a Jew. Judah was trying to build an empire; his prodigies still are trying to build one!

  • Compare with the story of Jacob & Esau ??

I believe that this entire topic of Reincarnation is not inscrutable, not beyond our capacity to comprehend or to understand it; it is simply doubted by many (at least in the US), so it is never secretly researched by those who claim to “know God”. The Spirit Who created Adam is faithful to answer all of the secret questions which the meek can think to ask Him (the Father) within themselves, alone, and in secret. Once discovered, the answers to those secret questions remain secrets, themselves. Many debates which take place in the US and abroad are unnecessary, in my opinion, as they are completely personal and only those humble enough to keep our Creator’s secrets will receive the correct answers to their queries. Those who can only speculate seem, sadly, to be the loudest in the aforementioned debates; and, they usually deem themselves, and are deemed by their supporters, to be the ‘winners’ of such debates – for, the meek seldom waste their time railing against the idiocy of those who insist upon remaining assumptive.

In the very near future, I desire to remember to plan well for my next incarnation. I have learnt that ‘personal gain’ is not promised to anyone; so, I shan’t plan to be born into a wealthy family [grin]. I desire peace, meekness, simple provisions, and a quiet home in my next life; God knows that, after all I’ve been through in my current & difficult incarnation, a peaceful life in my next incarnation is my only option! I am tired, and need to hibernate; or, to live a simple life where “life simply makes sense”. In my next incarnation, I plan to be able to “ask & receive”; I plan to “love my neighbor as I love myself” and not be labeled for doing so. If I’m not ‘allowed’ to simply love (and, to love simply & without complicated demands made of me to make some crazy, promised future commitments) in this life, then all whom I encounter henceforth will believe me to be ‘just like them’ whilst I await my next birth into a more peaceful & peaceable life [sits cross-legged on the ground, folds arms across chest].

aka: (hashtag) “Geronimo’s Last Stand”


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Was Chief Pontiac ‘wrong’?

Hiawatha has a choice:

He may return to the east; drive the Jamestownians OUT, commanding them to return to Her Majesty’s skirts; re-establish the FREE land of the Mohawk’s (and other tribes), returning it TO them; then return to the Great Lakes region, and to being known as Pontiac, as their chief or not.

When they ‘purchased’ Manhattan (for 60 guilder), the Dutch were NOT English; nor, were they EVER widely-known to have been Bible-thumping ‘missionaries’.

Everyone is at a stand-still for the last FIFTY-some years because, while in 1948 #Israel declared its ‘sovereignty’, they’ve had a DICKENS of a time getting their king’s butt OFF of the cross (“Cursed is EVERY man who hangs on a tree!”), and onto his EARNED throne! HECK! They’ve even gone SO far as to invoke the British throne to INVENT & publish a funky new ‘religion’ designed to make everyone on Earth a Jew! Perhaps he talks nice; but, he doesn’t belong in the White House – that ‘seat’ is for a Red Man, ONLY. Or, for a Red Man’s grandmother; for, they, ALONE, know how the DIRT beneath what is currently-known-as “The US of A” works best! If #Israeli soil is ‘cursed’, it’s PROBABLY because they won’t STAY HOME! They have dispersed all over the FLAT Earth, establishing sleeper-agents as “that kindly, old Jewish couple on the corner”, and the like. But, we are not ALL Jews; nor, was THAT ever God’s plan when He KICKED 1/3 of His angels OUT of His midst; we’ve tolerated them, we’ve set aside a ‘country’ for them to live in, but we WILL not have another “Atlantis” full of rich folks who disparage everyone else so loudly as they did. There is PLENTY of lava which can spew OUT of the Earth, aimed DIRECTLY where it needs to BE aimed, should this become necessary. They need NOT be anyone’s ‘slaves’; but, #Israel, we aren’t YOUR slaves, either!

At NO time have I picked up a child’s toy in ANY store, turned it round, and READ on the back of the package, “Made in Israel”. WHY is that? You WANT recognition? Be a PRODUCTIVE member of the world community!

You get him on his throne, Israel; and, we’ll pull our embassy OUT and let you be as ‘sovereign’ as MY Creator will allow!


Lot, Law, & Luther..?

Love, at its start, is bound by no law; when ‘law’ is introduced, and those who love never seek within, recalling their FIRST love, love is lost. It becomes conditional, fearful of failure, demanding, controlling, NOT ‘love’ at all. Former ‘lovers’ soon hate life, itself.


On Nosiness

Did not Neitchze write that the law is for the slaves? When the well-treated employees of one household’s plantation are overheard being taught how things will be in that household and on that plantation, and overheard by a jealous & greedy non-plantation-owner — it can only be guessed that the nosy spy may believe that he or she might, one day, become as wealthy & respected as the spied-upon household and its plantation have worked so diligently & lovingly cohesively to become, simply by recruiting and beating recruits into submission, and copying the ‘rules’ which have allowed the wealthy plantation to thrive — necessary ‘rules’ ONLY ‘written’ for that specific crew, and for that specific plot of land, and its particular climate. On different soil, with differently-motivated workers, and with practices which are simply copied, the ‘rules’ of the dirt under the copier’s feet are ignored and, therefore, these newly-introduced ‘foreign’ rules are alien to the indigenous flora & fauna. Thus, the results are not merely diminished when compared to the copied; they become poison. Ask an Israeli how to grow food? They are only recently, one hopes, finally learning this.

(more to come? not sure; I’ve things to do this evening… while you ponder life)

Happy All Souls Day?

Since Creation, a ‘soul’ is what occurs when a free spirit (God’s Own breath) becomes a little TOO attached to the container in which it temporarily resides! The ONLY thing which a ‘soul’ needs to learn is how to not be greedy, vainglorious, demanding, controlling, etc. Yes, ALL if it must go! For, God is a spirit, FIRST! He is not so vainglorious as to NEED for us to be His minions, but for us to be His children, eager to learn what He has for us, TODAY. Only EVER ‘today’… until He tells us that He is done teaching us His ways. Fools never find Him, because they never seek within, or cannot seek within themselves, because they are not ‘human’ at all. Cast OUT angels? That is not my business; my business is Earth, and all those who LOVE how it was made and approved by the Creator of Adam, the FIRST Man! My business are ALL those who’ve cherished how, by His approval, the Earth has sustained all who desire meekness. I have become Zeus; the times & seasons belong to He who made me when I was Adam. Those who agree, by their votes, as to what time it is — do NOT decide the time OR season. Seasons change; perhaps it is now time for the four seasons we’ve known for so long, to also change their cyclic revolutions. Will their be a fifth? Only three? Longer months? [shrug].

Out Of Body Experiences are not common topics of conversation; at their mere mention, they are tabooed, and even threatened to have undesireable outcomes for practicioners. Don’t listen to mechanized haters who will never be loved nor blessed by neither man nor God; remain innocent, seek ONLY Him within yourself. Those who are NOT ‘human’ have expiration dates which are already past due, yet they’ve remained among us as a result of whining Jews, Chrisians, and others; those who refuse to let go of anything.

“Happy All Souls’ Day…”, I say, to them ALL! It will come on November 2nd, as it does every year! How many more years will we be subject to the blindness bestowed upon us by our ‘holier-than-thou’ & self-appointed, “let them eat cake” Overseers? When will they reveal themselves to us, bearing GLAD tidings: namely, their guilt-ridden & sorrowful (for the rape of ALL innocence with which Earth was made & originally APPROVED) appologies?!! When???

Remember the scene in the movie, “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”: upon opening the Ark, those vainglorious, who seek more than life offers us TODAY, ceased to exist!

And, from “The Wizard Of Oz”, the witch, as she ceased: “I’m MELTING! I’m melting…”