How Marilyn invented A.I.D.S.


Her name, at birth, was Marilyn E. Quant. The initial E was only an initial; she received it because she was born during an eclipse. It never represented a middle name. She lived in Schenectady County, New York.

She grew up to become my mother. When I was 19 years old, I lived in my own place and had a job to which I could walk six days a week. My oldest brother had been in love with men since he was age 9, he had told me; he was 9 years my senior. At 19, I was beginning to wonder about sex with men as well.

One day, she ‘came for a visit’. We were in her car [she had accosted/sequestered me] in the parking lot near to where I lived. She FORCED me to ‘agree’ with her, in prayer, that God ‘should’ have a punishment for men who love other men (“love your neighbor as yourself” escaped her mind that day, I guess). So, with the fear of the disappointment of all of the members of all of the church congregations with whom I was familiar by that age [she had dragged me to many churches in my youth] and NOT with any fear of the God of Love (because those who love need not ‘fear’ Him anymore; “perfect love casts out all fear”), I hesitantly agreed. My aforementioned favorite brother, her eldest son and firstborn child, died of A.I.D.S. later that year. She was trying to scare me; yet, she lost her most beloved instead…

“Thanks, mom! Thanks for being DEAD, too!!!”


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