S.A.T.A.N. explained!


It is an acronym:

S kin

A nd

T eeth

A nd

N ails

Any, questions?

Humans have bodies, animals have bodies; do NOT get too attached TO it, ‘cause it ain’t getting’ into ANY type of ‘heaven’!

Practice voluntarily REMOVING your ethereal self FROM it; you’ll begin to dream better while in it. #OOBE *

* (out of body experience)

Terminology is key…

Nothing we discover can be “legalized” at a later date; we have simply “discovered” it! It is NOW a part of our lives! However, the laws written, as we get accustomed TO the new thing, laws which now suddenly OPPOSE this discovered addition to our lives, can be later ABOLISHED. It’s almost as though God WANTED us to get to know Him better by our having spent time WITH the new thing, while TRUSTING in Him, Alone… wow!

Lincoln “abolished” slavery; he did NOT write NEW laws legalizing the individual FREEDOMS with which EVERY baby is born, like the freedom to simply “BE”, even when we’re not DOING anything parents can get RICH off of or GLOAT about at CHURCH! Ancient Writings refer to this as “not doing” [shrug]. Updated, and sometimes ‘redneck’ vocabulary, oft uses the term “lazy”. “The lazy days of summer..”

Q: “Did you get anything DONE over the summer?”

A: “Nope! It was summer..” [shrug].

And, STOP harassing your children while they are focusing inside of themselves, and talking to God BEHIND their parents’ backs, by giving them all sorts of SILLY diagnoses, like AUTISM. Let them IGNORE you when they NEED to do so; we call it GROWING!

And, sir: she was GOD’s child before she consented to be YOUR wife, you may recall. Oui?

“The Terrible Two’s!”

You realize, of course, that all of those “why?” ’s will be answered by someone. At that age, they can’t go out and ask someone else. If they don’t have many answerers in the home (other parent, older siblings, visiting relatives) you need to remember to NOT get obviously frustrated in front of them; or, we’ll stop asking you anything at all!

Pied Piper says, “YOU feed them this time; I’m busy living my OWN life!”

The name of their ‘god’ is: VAINGLORY !


“PRIDE goes before destruction; and, a HAUGHTY spirit before a fall.” Words spoken & written by King Solomon; yet, many INSIST that pride & haughtiness are their God-given rights. They belittle EVERYONE else, including their OWN children, whom they PROFESS to love so much…

Who, among us humans, IS holier than a child who ONLY recently was in the womb, and alone with God?


These folks do NOT comprehend innocence; nor, do they desire a return TO it!

READ the hash-tags!

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(This msg. brought to you by the application of the verse, Isaiah 45:7)