10 days left in this month… [sigh]!


The Big Bang Theorists want a college degree after their second day in kindergarten; this is due to the fact that they feel they are already late in raping, pillaging, and “owning shit”. It’s not in their blood; it’s something they never purged from their soul after a previous incarnation. They expect that you’ll simply ‘get over it’; they stopped DARING to ask for forgiveness YEARS ago!

I kicked my beloved out lest they be abducted; I wanted this crap to end! They’ll return after all is settled with the current issues.

FEELING befuddled? Forget everything they told you; make them convince you all over again, but this time listen to the words they choose and ask within yourself (“your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit”) why they did not choose the words that would make their professed ‘innocent gesture’ more obviously innocent? He’ll always tell you; He’s the judge, not you. And, keep it to yourself when He does tell you; because, if you tell them, they’ll only try to talk you out of it yet again – but you already knew that, right? Good. Rebellion vs. Witchcraft? Magic comes ONLY with the endorsement of God; those who oppose magic oppose the innocence with which God allows every individual to begin each incarnation anew! They chose to ignore their own innocence; and, they spend the rest of their current incarnation’s allotment of time trying to destroy your innocence. It’s what they do! [shrug]. And, don’t overuse your brain; you were in communication (a conversation which began in the womb) with the Holy Spirit using your mind & core long before you knew that science has found a ‘brain’ inside the skulls of dead people. Everyone believed it (#MassHysteria), so now they can run a scan on the one you already have in your living skull. Kudos! You never needed one!

Sometimes, I torment myself, trying to make my former oppressors as “correct” as they had claimed themselves to be for so many years. This is, I think, a symptom of:

Stockholm Syndrome You may research this in other ways for yourself, if you wish. If you’ve lived with it or in it, note that the words you will read during your research were written mostly by observers rather than by former victims; similarly, ‘history’ gets written by those who prefer not to have their reputations reflect how cruel they really were to their victims. Twisting someone’s arm behind their back, while your army aims their guns, at close range, at the heads of the subjects of the one whose arm you’re twisting, gets written down as “negotiations”, “peace talks”, then finally “surrender” and “joined our Union!”. Read more closely in the future!

Do victimizers think themselves to be ‘correct’ while they’re abusing others? Do they truly believe their actions to be ‘beneficial’ to their victims? Do they even consider what their abuse of others is doing to their own minds? And, what about their souls?


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