RE: Texas Beef

Stop abusing your children & your cattle (BOTH, with your religion & politics) YESTERDAY; and, I’ll PRAY that MY Creator ‘blesses’ YOUR state & your beef starting TOMORROW [LOOKING at calendar & watch]. Don’t MAKE me wait… don’t make YOUR OWN children WAIT, okay?

[thumb UP]


[aside] “Wait… am I supposed to CARE? THEY don’t..!”

“For (After All Grace Was Depleted) God…

“So hated the world (because the Atheists never once sought within themselves for Him, and because the elitist Israelites complained about everything He ever gave unto them), that He abruptly walked away from it all; and, Adam, the FIRST Man (aka: Peter, JFK, Geronimo, Quetzalcoatl), followed Him, self-righteously… for God had already made Adam in His Own Image long, long ago, and was satisfied that He did so!”

Good Luck at the church social!

And, don’t scream too loudly; Your Creator is napping!

Spoken COMMAND: “Sackcloth & Ashes, forever… BEGIN!”

God then grinned, and asked of Adam, “Son? What shall I create for you next? A mini-mall, or a grand & vast garden with lots of animals & food for them?”

Adam grinned in reply, “Gardens are boring; someone always misunderstands Your timing, and enviously condemns all of its fruits. Create for me, instead, a mini-mall, please Father. Loaded with 16-year-old bubblegum-snapping cashiers who will never have come from here! Oh! And a pony; but, the pony needn’t also snap bubblegum, Sir! But, he can survive on candy from the mini-mall; we’ll keep it small this time. For ‘large’ always seems to get out of hand, doesn’t it? Oh, and don’t re-create the cast-out angels this time, okay? They never liked You to begin with… [blush] Amen!”

  • a scribe’s JOB is not to TEACH you to READ the shit, okay..???!!!!!

Moses was a dogie!

WHY are ‘dogies’ weaned from their momma SO early?

Because, whilst sucking upon momma’s TEAT for nourishment, they’ve FORGOTTEN “the nourishment factor”, which sustains mankind; and, they’ve returned to the same LUST that ABRUPTLY ended their previous incarnations!

Mothers SENSE this; and, immediately CUT it off, whether they recognize it or not. It simply “feels WEIRD!”

God knows this ALREADY!

For the SAME reason, Ishmael was EVICTED, along with his mommy, from EVERY Israeli tribe!

En Español: “No eres de mi tribu!”

“ONLY the MEEK will inherit Earth!”

[forefinger to lips]

Not one more word!

“Il nous faut de l’audace, encore de l’audace, toujours de l’audace!”

(We must dare, and dare again, and go on daring!)

[Assemblée legislative, Paris; Sept. 2, 1792]”
― Georges Jacques Danton

Why Do Ancient Ruins Have No Roof?

Was it because we trusted Our Creator Who told us He’d protect us, and gave us ‘visuals’ which affirmed His promises? Whom had we to FEAR, apart from Him? He is the ONLY One Who EXISTS!

“You Xtians & Jews COMPLETELY suck! Go to HELL most promptly, okay? PLEASE!”

[chin on fist]

“Hmm… WHOM must we ‘fear’…??”