Back So Soon?

Afraid of everything, they truly ‘venture’ nothing; as Ceaser, they “In Trust” with me… as Lad Luck, they CROSS their fingers and “hope for the best ’cause ‘hope’ is in the Bible!” yeah, sorry… it’s ONLY ever me, huh? Who’s that FAMOUS guy who said, “THIS is my son; HEAR him!”… What was HIS name??? […]

True “forgiveness”…


To know TRUE “forgiveness”, one must be willing to go back, not only TO the point of “the fault”, but to some moment in time quite before that point, while you were yet in the planning stages – when you thought you would “get away with it” by simply asking for forgiveness afterward; THEN, ask the “still, small Voice” within yourself how you COULD have chosen more wisely. Ask Him to remind you WHY you made the choice you made (was it in desperation? were you as a slave, under duress? were you afixing God’s name to a dream that did NOT come directly from Him?)…


Now, you know how to “seek Him FIRST!”

Easy, huh…?


[rolls eyes, turns away from eye contact with YOU!]



Under Construction…


Sorry about the wait; but, I shall be removing many OLD posts, herein. Recently, the LOOK as well as the name have changed on this blog site… the OLD name was “Original Impaler”, not to call myself out. But, a change of heart requires a gathering of one’s old ways, and a restructuring of one’s thought patterns, in order to hope for any future at all. That said, thanks for reading; I look forward to better words to come!

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Accept NO poisons!


If your life ‘should’ be going better (for all of your efforts) than it has been going, there is MOST likely a poisonous event/belief/contractual agreement in your past about which you’ve long since forgotten, off of which others are benefiting by the ‘sweat of YOUR brow’.

Reduce your needs (if ONLY in your mind), trim down your life to ONLY the basics – don’t SELL anything yet, though. Think back to when you noticed that your life began to fall apart. There is something there which you have accepted (probably ONLY after much prodding from others – I do NOT agree with ‘interventions’) which is impeding your growth, and causing ALL of your creativity to leak out the windows and doors of your life.

Once we reach a certain age, we stop accepting ‘riff-raff’ into our current lives; however, if your life is still NOT what you think it SHOULD be for all the work you put into it, for all the CLEAR lines you draw, there is something in your past which is there either because of a false religious belief, or a ‘yes’ to someone whom you only wished would leave you alone the day the ‘yes’ was issued… there IS something there.

While you reduce your needs, you will find things that you forgot about which you OUGHT to be enjoying regularly (daily, weekly, monthly); lay those aside in a pile for future prioritizing & sorting. Enjoyable things are PROBABLY not the cause of your inability to enjoy anything in your life today! So, keep reducing knowing that NONE of the things in the aforementioned pile will be gotten rid of in the near future. That pile WILL be a source of security for you as you narrow your focus to whatever MIGHT be causing the problem, as there are USUALLY not several problems – only one or a handful.

 Is THIS your problem? Sometimes even FAMILY can be ‘accidentally’ guilty of robbing you blind. They give advice for which you have NEVER asked. As SOON as THEY are successfully living THEIR lives, you STILL do not need to ask them what YOUR problem is. Our own lives change to OUR advantage when we admire our heroes from a distance, asking within ourselves why we are watching and admiring that hero. “What is it about them that keeps my eyes & ears alert to them?” Soon, it is revealed to us what we notice about them that needs to be incorporated into our own lives, usually a very small & generic thing – for we are NOT ‘supposed’ to be copying others, we are NOT robots which were made using only ONE mold.

So, while you reduce the things in your life which are not absolutely necessary (playing video games will NOT distract you from this! We think while we play…)


(more to come, but do you get my drift?)

The Generic Master

A true master first masters the art of learning; as all who know mastery know that true mastery in life is ongoing. No bell “dings”; no diploma falls into their lap. They never earn a master’s paycheck; they earn only the right to future opportunities to perfect themselves, personally. Any needed money can usually be obtained by washing dishes & mopping floors, or by swabbing decks & emptying lobster traps at sea. A true master STANDS aside to allow his laborers to earn the money he makes from a job he is commissioned to do, am I right? Masters cope accidentally, automatically… much like swatting absentmindedly at interfering flies while paying attention to the more involved task at hand. And, boasting only requires one or two lessons to be unlearnt! The reward for learning how to NOT boast is the automatic & gracious smile that adorns your face when you see others nearby who, themselves, are trying to learn how to NOT boast, and ALSO, at the knowledge of a job that you know you have done well. Masters are NOT quick to label themselves with ANY label; for, within MINUTES, such labels ALWAYS manage to change… ALMOST as if God, Himself, wants for us to wait around for HIS approval, before we gluttonously bathe in our OWN approval for the things that we do every day. Some of life’s lessons can take weeks, or even decades! But, THIS lesson takes only minutes to read, yet mere seconds to process!

Strive to become a master rather than a bastard!