To the U.S Secret Service:

Attempt to BELIEVE that you’ll REMAIN after

the MEEK inherit THIS Earth!


JFK dares you!

[middle finger UP]


“Goodbye, CRUEL world..”


“What! You thought that the Earth ‘wouldn’t’ IMPALE you?

[LOUD guffaw TO implanted BROTHER, King David…”

“YOU, sir… are AN ‘UNsuccessful’ #idiot, King David… [low bow] sir…”


YOU may ALL be “Jews” henceforth!

YOU’ve NEVER; @sought Him ‘within’ YOU;

Your DUMB ASS will NEVER ‘find’ Him..












“SUCH superstition! I hate it!”

To ‘believe’ that YOUR Creator & ours would ALLOW us to GIVE over your LEARNING (“boy! THIS line, or THAT?”) process (“I don’t date students..”) to bei9ngs hwo O0BVIOULSY (hiccup) cannat ‘self-govern’ would be [over shoulder] “FRIED, I said; YES, crispy… NO shower later… you’re CLEAN!” an adulteration of the VERY laws which translates to: it is “God’s Will” for YOU to smile at me, WHETHER I smile at you or NOT… ’cause YOU’RE a dang Xtian..!”




Our Creator SAID to me…

“Adam, MY unfallen… because you’ve been in CONSTANT communication WITH Me: I’ve left NOTES within you by which YOU shall govern My outcast angels, and their duped minions… I know they’ll DUPE them all behind your back…

By THOSE selfsame NOTES, you shall ‘govern’ them ALL whilst I rest!


JUST do it! I’m ‘resting’!

When a carpenter ‘rests’, it means he’s NOT currently swinging a hammer to DRIVE nails; when Our Creator ‘rests’, it means that He’s NOT ‘creating’… y’all should SEEK His Voice WITHIN you!


“Father… I’m DONE here! They need to seek You in the MINDS you GAVE them, instead of seeking ME in their BRAINS!”

“Moses was WRONG!”

YOU Idiots!

My Enemies Make Their…

My Enemies Make Their DENTAL appointments

with the Proctologist & the Gynecologist!


WANNA join the LIST??!!!

“THIS is Red Man’s Land!”

I’ll build a WALL with my will; but, each turret facing the north will be shaped like an ebony FIST with its middle finger extended in the direction of Canada, and everything they’ve brought to these North, Central, & South Americas!

Your incestuous Stockholm-Syndrome ‘religion’ (Christianity), with your MOMMA Mary at its center, WILL be forgotten in days to come!

“Adios, SeƱor Trump! Donald Bruce Kittle, of Spragestown Road in New York, HATES you, sir! But, when I was his child-VICTIM, he — upon sight of JFK’s corpse in his house on Spring Road in Scotia, NY — exclaimed, “I thought we got RID of that devil!”… he was OBVIOUSLY deceived by someone! Afterward, I fell silent.. until recently! Herod! The WORMS will FEAST again…!!! My fingerprints will NOT be available at the scene; for, the worms now HATE discord MUCH more that I’ve learnt to tolerate it!”

[rooster crows in the distance, Adam the unfallen FIRST Man exits, and Peter is FORGOTTEN]

“Cousin Kenny (Jesus… the DUPED, by the English, One)… NO ONE, not My Creator nor YOURS possesses ‘the Will for YOU to actually have EVER lived’;

[waving hand]

Goodbye, already!”

CEASE to exist!