Names, Reputations, & Egos…

Will NOT make to Heaven!

However, AS the Cast Of Characters for the last 54 years of my life mentally scrolls by my spiritual eyes, screaming for my attention & recognition, I’m reminded of the twitching of a spider’s limbs, after having lost one or more to a curious youth, whilst it’s realizing that in its near future is the acceptance of death by immobility & its eventual starvation.

Yet, Christians, Jews, & Muslims THRIVE upon ONLY the aforementioned non-spiritual 3!


To the Outcast angels…

Your Creator CREATED me, Adam, IN His Own Image; therefore, I was a second,  identical creative spirit at His side,  before I created & inhabited human flesh (which motivates your own greed, gluttony & lust).

And, to protect Him (my Creator), and WITH His consent, I have already sacrificed you to “the realms that be” (because He already CAST you from His midst & He granted me 10 plagues to cast you OUT of Egypt when you became derisive).

You MAY be The Tool which His Creator, if He has one, NEEDS with which to PICK it’s teeth for having granted Him complete & total sovereignty after having created Him; but, He & I are okay, we’re in need of NOTHING! So, tell whomever discovers you amid your future residence in The Lake of Fire, that you know NOT your own Creator’s substance NOR name, which things ARE the truth – for, you’ve never SOUGHT Him out within yourselves!

The meek ONLY will inherit Earth!

Don’t WORRY; they won’t hear your screams…!

– Selah –

–      –       –

#Solomon #Adam 


Our Creator CREATED Adam, IN HIS OWN image!

Since REALIZING himself, Adam CHOSE to BE in CONSTANT contact WITH his own Creator!

If YOU desire to FALL from ANYONE’S grace, CAST yourself from the midst of BOTH of us…. WE (Adam & YOUR Creator) are TOGETHER! We NEVER disagree! We won’t ‘save’ you; YOU’LL do that, right? You do EVERYTHING on your OWN! According to YOU, HE gave free will to YOU, alone.

WHY even GO to a #church building? Abraham WITNESSED The Burning Bush OUTSIDE of ANY building, BY THE WAY!


What King David was told…

I (the ‘phamous’ Pharaoh) told King David, “My people need me MORE than your people ‘need’ to continue to think themselves to be elitists, dude. We’ll NEVER be the slaves of YOUR people; and, your people complained that they did not receive the same blessings that MY people got because my people ARE my people, and Egyptians. If the God you CLAIM to know so well cannot, or WILL NOT, ‘bless’ you elsewhere, it is NOT the fault of myself NOR of my people. You successfully brought upon my people TEN plagues; my people could handle those plagues, YOUR people could NOT! Ask Moses to bless you, since his GOD does not do so, dude. It’s NOT our fault that YOU and your people have INCURRED the wrath of the Creator of Adam, the FIRST Man. It is not I who hates you, bro… PRAY better!”


Then said the pharaoh unto his daughter, “I love YOU; however, I will NOT ‘love’ EVERY cute STRAY that you DRAG out of the Nile River. It’s Egypt’s River; it’s NOT our personal possession, gurl!”

(gurl intentionally misspelled, for effect)

Me, the lyricist…

“Like Hulk DONE to Loki, you ALL (THE ‘bio-family’) done that to ME; [rubbing shoulder] DANG! my LEFT arm STILL hurts..!”

“When I walked (a 1.5 hr. hike for an adult, YET I was only FIVE!) to church on a weekday {after I said I felt sick}, to ASK the preacher WHY my brother & father DAILY gang-BANGED my sister, AND she liked it… Y’ALL hobbled me (damaged my lower LEGS, intentionally), so that I couldn’t LEAVE your pit of INCEST..!! WHY??”




  • someone’s gonna need to actually RHYME the above.. but, …

(MORE to come..!)

Game Over..?

Now that all of you angels (cast-outs & otherwise) know HOW I need this caldron stirred, “the times & seasons remain in the possession of Our Father”, Who is found by all who seek Him within themselves. In my personal imagination, there is a thick, wooden door in my heart behind which He rests (but SELDOM snores, as yet). Whenever I need an answer, or direction, I aim my focus & attention toward that door, and what I ever need is just outside of it. I remain near that door for a while, until I imagine His hand touching the door from His side. Then, I reluctantly continue to simply live life, and to live life simply.

Whilst the caldron may remain unstirred for a time, we needn’t fear any future desperate “End Times” WHEN it will need to be stirred, again. He is loving, kind, ON TIME, and ever faithful, focused, adamant, passionate, and peaceful. He is the One within YOU Who will not allow you to GIVE UP on the dreams you have DARED to dream behind the backs of ALL of humanity, dreams which He has colorized for you, to motivate you to keep dreaming, because “Dreaming IS Praying!”

I will post my future thoughts on .

[grin] However, should He ‘require’ for me, in the future, to “name more things”, I shall do so herein, and NOT reluctantly! I will address the non-personal, non-artsy [shrug] stuff on this blog. My more colorful, more playful future words will be at the above linked blog.

I only love ALL of you, and I ONLY do so passionately, with the desire to jump in and “do it FOR you”; but, if I did that again, you’d learn NOTHING about MY Creator, Our Father.

This is NOT on paper; for, if it were, it’d be unreadable due to the tear-stained parchment [grin].

I remain Adam, the FIRST Man, the designer of the hunk o’ flesh you all wear. Wear it well, appreaciatively. You should be more kind to yourselves; for, it is THE BEST way to learn how to be kind to others. But, you ALREADY knew that, right?

I am Zeus, Melchizedek, and have had many other names throughout the last few billion years. Some were recorded in history correctly, other of my names were given horrible reputations. But, the bottom line is that we’re all still here, and we’re all still His beloved. Race, belief system, tattoos, etc. will NEVER separate us from His love. He likes stuff that smiles; once a thing DARES to enjoy ANY part of its life, a soul begins to grow. And, He (Our Father) “gets into that sort of shit”; and, He made me in His image, first! DARE to enjoy ANY part of life in FRONT of me, and you’ll probably see me crying happy tears! THIS is worse than “it is finished”! THIS is like, “I don’t NEED the accolades I deserve. I can’t handle being ‘guest of honor’ anywhere, or at any time!”